South 2 Zahrani-Tyre District: Independent Candidates

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South 1 Saida-Jezzine District: Independent Candidates


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 116,128

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 7,097

Voter Turnout 2018: 51.88%

TOTAL: 3 seats | Catholics (1 seat) | Shia (2 seats)


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 193,907

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 11,487

Voter Turnout 2018: 47.92%

TOTAL: 4 seats | Shia (4 seats)

Together for Change was born from the October 17 revolution to serve the masses gathered in the squares and streets.

The “Together for Change” candidates were attacked by members of the Amal Movement while heading to their political launch ceremony in Sarafand. Dr. El Hayek stated that they will continue their political campaign and that this message will not intimidate them or silence their voice in the south.

Together for Change – معاً للتغيير 

Hicham Hayek

Hisham Hayek –

هشام حايك

Seat: Greek Catholic – Zahrani

Hisham El Hayek is a doctor, surgeon, and social activist in public affairs.  

We tried to be in a democratic race and it turned out that there is no democracy. We tried to express our opinion freely, but it is governed by chaos.”

Hatem Halaoui

Hatem Halaoui –

حاتم حلاوي

Political Affiliation: لقاء صور للتغيير

Seat: Shia – Tyre

Hatem Halaoui was born in Tyre, Lebanon. He received a doctorate in Informatics Engineering and is an Associate Professor and Chairman of Mathematical Sciences at Haigazian University. Halawi is an activist in the revolution. 

“I am running to build a homeland that provides a decent living, is just, and is civil.”

Roua Al Fares

Roaa Al Fares –

رؤى الفارس

Political Affiliation:MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Shia – Tyre

Roaa Al Fares is from Deir Kifa. She is a civil engineer specializing in urban planning.

“The elections should not be considered an entry point for regime change, but rather an arena for confronting it to re-establish its foundations at the expense of society.”

Sarah Soweidan

Sarah Soweidan –

ساره سويدان

Seat: Shia – Tyre

Sarah Soweidan is a secondary education teacher and a women’s rights activist.

Mohammad Ayoub

Mohammad Ayoub –

محمد ايوب

Seat: Shia – Tyre

Mohammad Ayoub was born in Sil3a, a small town in the South, to a family of farmers. He is retired from the Internal Security Forces and is active in the movement of retirees. Ayoub was educated in public schools and universities. His family had money issues, so he dropped out of Law School after two years to provide for them. After the 1982 Israeli invasion, Ayoub went against Israel with the Lebanese Resistance Forces and went to jail in Israel for 3.5 years. Once released, he worked for the Internal Security Force for 20 years. Ayoub started a company called Maktabit Al Ajal (Library of Generations) in Al Shahabya. He supports the principles of the revolution: political change, economic prosperity, returning money from banks, and prosecuting those responsible for the explosion and all Lebanese crimes. 

Ayman Mroueh

Ayman Mrouweh –

ايمن محمود مروه

Political Affiliation: Communist party

Seat: Shia – Zahrani

Ayman Mrouweh is an activist in civil society and citizenship issues. He was born into extreme poverty and quickly learned that most Lebanese live in this impoverished state. When he was 14, Mrouweh joined the Lebanese Democratic Youth Union and started to understand the reasons behind the wealth gap. He committed himself to advocating for the rights of all people. When Mrouweh turned 21, he joined the Lebanese Communist Party which shaped his political and intellectual perspectives. Mrouweh helped lead many political movements over the past 50 years and still preaches unity, equality, and social justice. 

Ali Khalifeh

Ali Khalifeh –

علي خليفه

Seat: Shia – Zahrani

Ali Khalifeh was born in Beirut in 1981 and is an activist in anti-sectarian groups in the South. He received a Doctor of Education from the University of Geneva and is a Professor of Education at the Lebanese University. He researches education, citizenship, and civil society affairs and has published many papers and two books.


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