“You hear about it , you read about it, but this film gives you the real story what’s going on in Lebanon”

- Maarten Stoltz / Programme Coordinator Movie That Matters Festival, The Hague

“It takes guts and grace to dig out the truth, bravely, and sticking to the facts - FACTS - FACTS - again this sacred motto for any truthful investigator / journalist / reporter in the name of JUSTICE - you belong to them.”

- Sophia Rachdi / Chief Correspondent of the US Press Agency in France

I've been in Australia for 42 years. This is the first time I honestly felt I needed to register to vote in Lebanon.

- Naim Melham / Senior Manager at Arab - Bank Australia

“ I'm so touched by this trailer. I just accidentally saw it on Instagram and I had to share it. I am really looking forward to watching it. Congratulations on helping Lebanon raise its voice against injustice. I hope this can help make a difference.”

- Daniella Rahme / Lebanese Actress

“Enough! is a wake up call about Lebanon. Even for those of us previously ignorant of the depth of her problems. It’s impossible to watch the film and not care about the country and its people. Daizy Gedeon did an amazing job of revealing not only the criminality of political corruption, but what it means in the lives of everyday people. A moving, powerful film.”

- Marianne Williamson / American author, Spiritual leader, and Political Activist

“Brave and compelling. Daizy is a powerful person taking apart the networks that sustain corruption and mismanagement in Lebanon.”

- Tom Fletcher / Former UK Ambassador to Lebanon

Enough! Lebanon's Darkest Hour

Filmmaker and journalist Daizy Gedeon leads us on a powerful and personal journey behind the mask of lies and deception and into the heart of Lebanon, deep into the historic and psychological causes behind the erosion and destruction of Lebanon, once a battleground and breeding ground for terrorists and violent militias, and still a focal point of controversy in the tumultuous Middle East.


July 15, 2021
WORLD PREMIERE – Cannes International Film Festival

ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour is a documentary film that sheds light on the catastrophic events that occurred in Lebanon in 2020, including the devastating explosion in Beirut’s port. The film features interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses of the tragedy, as well as with experts who offer insights into the underlying causes of the crisis. The film’s World Premiere at the Marche du Cannes, held at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2021, was a major milestone for the filmmakers and the entire crew. It provided a platform to showcase the film to a global audience and receive valuable feedback from industry professionals.

December 1st, 2022 
Sydney, Australian Premiere

ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour has been widely acclaimed for its courageous confrontation of the institutions and individuals that are maintaining the endemic system of corruption across Lebanon and which have directly resulted in one of the most devastating falls from grace of any country. The strength and power of the film saw celebrities, personalities, political figures and sporting greats participate in a glamorous and star-studded premiere in Sydney on humanitarian message, and the premiere in Sydney was a resounding success. Many famous personalities from the world of cinema, art, and culture attended the premiere and were moved by the film’s powerful storytelling.

April 9th, 2022 

Lebanon, Avant Premiere

The film broke all records and history premiering in all cinemas across the country synchronised at the same time, 3pm Beirut, with nine time zones around the world that watched a virtual global premiere of the film, with cities from Los Angeles to Toronto, New York, to Mexico City, Sao Paulo to Paris, London to Dubai, turning in in solidarity to a star-studded event that saw the biggest names in Lebanese arts, culture, film and media, politics, business and the aristocracy, attend the avant premiere and participate in a Live Q&A live streamed to audiences around the world. The film’s compelling revelations resulted in tens of thousands of people making the decision to vote and vote for Change in the May 2022 elections.



ENOUGH!'s screenings around Lebanon played a significant role in the formation of the Fair and Free Lebanon Foundation. The film's message of peace, democracy, and hope has resonated deeply with the audience, and it has inspired many to come together and create positive change.

FFLF’s Mission
The Fair and Free Lebanon Foundation was created to restore, protect and preserve faith and trust IN Lebanon and FOR Lebanon, and the rights of all its citizens to live with dignity and a future with unlimited possibility and opportunity. We aim to reclaim Lebanon’s noble mission as a unique symbol of ecumenical and cultural synchronicity. A land where the human reigns supreme, not the dollar, nor religion, nor status.
FFLF Dream for Lebanon

Fair and Free Lebanon Foundation’s dream for Lebanon is a united, stable, and prosperous nation where every citizen has equal opportunities to thrive.

This dream is built on the foundation of respect for equality, fairness, the rule of law, and a commitment to creating a better future for all Lebanese


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