Production Team

Our talented and professional crew that were critical to delivering a Final Cut that has inspired, transformed and mobilised millions around the world and resulted in the film winning more than 25 awards at international film festivals.

Daizy Gedeon

Writer - Director - Executive Producer

patrick rohr


Bill Hax


Justin Hanrahan

ACS - Director of Photography

Georges Tomb


Marcus D'Arcy


tim small


Brycen Home

2nd DOP

Firas Chidiac

Sound Engineer


Key Interviewees

Interviews conducted with a diverse range of individuals, including key political figures who have overseen the demise of the country over the past three decades, as well as influential local and international influential people including experts, analysts, former ambassadors, activists, humanitarians, and ordinary citizens from within Lebanon and the diaspora.

Tom Fletcher CMG

Principal Hertford College, Oxford University - British Ambassador to Lebanon 2011- 2015

Frances Guy

British Ambassador to Lebanon 2006-2011

Elie Saab

Lebanese Fashion Designer

Dr James Zogby

President Arab American Institute

Georges Khabbaz

Lebanese actor, writer, director, comedian, musician, playwright, producer and theatre professor

Thanassis Cambanis

Senior Fellow The Century Foundation

Saad Hariri

Former Lebanese Prime Minister 2009-2011 & 2016-2020

Rabab Al Sadr

Social and Human Rights Activist

Samy Gemayel

President of the Kataeb Party

Paula Yacoubian

Member of Parliament for Change

Gebran Bassil

President of the Free Patriotic Movement since 2015

Melhem Khalaf

Member of Parliament for Change

Samir Geagea

Executive Chairman Lebanese Forces Party

Dr Najat Aoun Saliba

Member of Parliament for Change

Mohammad Fneich

Former Minister of Sports and Youth

Nicolas Chikhani

Banker and Financial Expert