Oct 2021- Special Screening- Festival du Film Libanais de France- France

The special screening of “ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour” at the Festival Film Libanais France was a unique and important opportunity for the film and its filmmaker Daizy Gedeon.This festival celebrates Lebanese culture and cinema and provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work to a global audience. The special screening was an acknowledgment of the film’s importance in shedding light on Lebanon’s humanitarian crisis and promoting peaceful and democratic change.

The screening also provided an opportunity for the filmmakers to connect with other Lebanese and international filmmakers and industry professionals, encouraging cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

This special screening was an important recognition of the film’s relevance and impact, and a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication to their craft and their commitment to social justice.

It was a sell out crowd for our screening with fans queening to buy tickets.

Among the attendees were filmmaker Phillip Aractingi, Alain Bifani and Paul Raphael along with Ambassador Pierre Duquesne who is the Special Ambassador for situation international du Liban for France. Basically Macron’s special envoy to Lebanon.


OCT. 2021


Special Screening


Festival du Film Libanais de France