February 2023- Best Music in a Feature Film + Best Cinematography in a Feature Film - Austin International Art Festival - Texas

ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the political turmoil and social unrest in Lebanon. It showcases the stories of brave Lebanese who have been fighting for change and standing up against injustice. Having an official selection at the Toronto International Women Film Festival is crucial for the movie and for filmmaker Daizy Gedeon as a woman, as it provides a platform to amplify the voices of marginalised communities and shine a light on important social issues. 


The festival’s focus on women filmmakers and their stories empowers female filmmakers and encourages diverse perspectives in the film industry. This recognition is particularly important for Gedeon, who not only directed but also produced, wrote and edited the film. It highlights her skills and achievements as a female filmmaker, breaking down barriers and inspiring other women to pursue their dreams in the male-dominated film industry.