North 1 (Akkar) District

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North 1 Akkar District

Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 300,668

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 8,415

Voter Turnout 2018: 48.16%

TOTAL: 7 seats | Alaouite (1 seat) | Maronite (1 seat) | Sunni (3 seats) | Orthodox (2 seats)

Akkar – The Change

akkar lil taghyeer
Berri Al Assaad

Berri Al Assad –

بري الاسعد

Political Affiliation: اتحاد ثوار عكار 

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

Berri Al Assad was born in Wadi Khaled in 1958. He practices medicine in Wadi Khaled, is a contracted doctor with the Internal Security Forces, and works at several centers, including the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp. Dr. Al Assad is the first to hold a medical degree in his hometown and received it from Kyiv University. He was a teacher at Qarah Public School and is a social and political activist advocating for truth against injustice. Dr. Al Assad resisted the Israeli occupation during the 1982 invasion of Beirut and has been active in the October 17 revolution since its inception.

Edgar Daher

Edgar Daher –

ادكار ضاهر

Seat: Maronite – Akkar

Edgar Daher was born in Qoubaiyat and recently retired there. He is a businessman and social and environmental activist. Daher received a degree in Business Administration from Saint Joseph University. During the civil war, he moved to Saudi Arabia where he developed his career in advertising and marketing. Daher worked at LBC and Al Mustaqbal and was the CEO of MBC Media Group. He is a member of the Lebanese-Gulf Business Council, which aims to improve Lebanese-Gulf relations and protect the interests of the Lebanese in the Gulf.

Jinan Hamdan

Jinan Hamdan –

جنان حمدان

Seat: Alawite – Akkar

Jinan Hamdan was born in the town of Ain Al Zeit in 1993. She received a Doctor of Pharmacy from the Lebanese International University and is a member of the Syndicate of Lebanese Pharmacists. Hamdan has been active in the October 17 revolution since its inception. She is the youngest candidate in the Akkar district and wants to represent the youth and women during this time of change.

“My goal in this candidacy is to convey the unheard voice of the Akkari people, which has been overshadowed by the voice of the sectarian regime.”

Khaled Allouch

Khaled Allouch –

خالد العلوش

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

Khaled Allouch was born in the town of Aïn Al Dahab in 1985. He is an engineer involved in communications security and is an expert consultant for start-up companies. Allouch is a social activist and is one of the most prominent leaders of the October 17 revolution starting many initiatives in his hometown. He believes that the cooperation of the revolutionaries is necessary for Akkar’s revival. 

Laurisse El Ray

Laurice El Rahia –

لوريس الراعي

Seat: Greek Orthodox – Akkar

Laurice El Rahia was born in the town of Ramah. She is a doctor of social sciences, a writer, a researcher, and a full-time professor at the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Education. El Rahia has published many books and articles related to sociology.

She indicated that her political program includes laws that support the livelihood of the Lebanese, protect agriculture, empower women, and promote the welfare of Akkar.

Mohammad Badrah

Mohamad Badra –

محمد بدره

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

Mohamad Badra was born in the village of Mish Mish. He received a doctorate in computer sciences and communication and is an assistant professor at Zayed University and Dhofar University. He was a researcher for CNRS France, Télécom ParisTech, and at the University of Paris V.

Akkar Rises Up (Akkar Tantafed) – عكار تنتفض

Abdel Razzak Al Kilani

Abdel Razzak Al Kilani –

عبد الرزاق الكيلاني

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

Abdel Razzak Al Kilani is a Sheikh from Beit Al Hajj. His mission is for Lebanon to be a state of tranquility and peace. 

“God Almighty to keep the fire of sedition, evil, corruption, extremism and terrorism away from everyone.”

Khaled Daher

Khaled Daher –

خالد ضاهر

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

General Khaled Daher is a retired brigadier from Mount Akrom. He joined the military in 1980 and quickly became a lieutenant. During his service, he received several awards, including the Medal for the War Wounded.

Mohammad Meslemani

Mohammad Meslemani –

محمد مسلماني

Political Affiliation: ثورة بالمقلوب

Seat: Sunni – Akkar

Mohammad Meslemani is a political activist who is part of the “Revolution Upside Down” group in the Akkar district. He actively opposes the current political system and believes Lebanon’s leaders should represent the people and their needs. 

Reine Sawan

Reine Sawane –

ران صوان

Seat: Maronite – Akkar

Reine Sawane is a mother, political and social activist, private pilot, and certified anti-corruption manager. Sawane says that the citizens of Akkar, Tripoli, Al Dennieh, and Minnieh are victims in a country whose politicians trade people’s lives for corruption instead of helping them secure jobs and build a life. 

“The people want to live in dignity.”


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