Mount Lebanon 4 (Aley-Chouf) District

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Mount Lebanon 4 Aley-Chouf District


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 123,753

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 9,955

Voter Turnout 2018: 50.39%

TOTAL: 5 seats | Orthodox (1 seat) | Maronite (2 seats) | Druze (2 seats)


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 197,363

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 15,490

Voter Turnout 2018: 53.89%

TOTAL: 8 seats | Sunni (2 seats) | Druze (2 seats) | Maronite (3 seats) | Catholics (1 seat)

United for Change wants a government that adopts people-centered policies and reminds the people of their right to live in dignity while preserving and protecting Lebanon’s environment from all forms of pollution.

United for Change 

tawahdna lil taghyeer
Alaa El Sayegh

Alaa El Sayegh –

علاء الصايغ

Political Affiliation: LiHaqqi 

Seat: Druze – Aley

Alaa El Sayegh was born and raised in the town of Charon. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and continued to study social entrepreneurship and innovation. Al Sayegh is the Steering Director at an organization that provides innovative solutions to economic and social challenges. He has played a role in mobilizing people in many political movements since 2015. In the 2018 Parliamentary Elections, he was a candidate for Kulluna Watani in the Chouf-Aley district. This list became a grassroots political movement, and El Sayegh was a co-founder and member of its political and media committees. He has been active in the October 17 revolution since its formation and set up tents as public spaces for political discussion.

Choukri Haddad

Choukri Haddad –

شكري حداد

Seat: Greek Catholic – Chouf

Choukri Haddad was born in Ain Zhalta in 1988. He earned a Public Law Degree from the French section of the Lebanese University and a Mediation Degree from Saint Joseph University. In 2011, Haddad started a training program at the Lebanese University for students to learn about the legislative work in the parliament. Haddad began to understand the intricacies of the corruption that led to the present crisis. In the 2015 Lebanese Protests and the October 17 revolution, he defended arbitrarily arrested protestors. He is a member and rapporteur for the Beirut Bar Association’s prosecution office, which represents the Beirut port explosion victims and their families. Haddad is a founder, affiliate, and legal advisor to several civil and charitable organizations in the Aley-Chouf region.

Fadi Allam

Fadi Abi Allam –

فادي أبي علام

Political Affiliation: حزب الخضر 

Seat: Maronite – Aley

Fadi Abi Allam is an expert in citizenship and peacebuilding. He is the president of the Lebanese Green Party, “which is an environmental, secular, democratic and modern party.” Abi Allam is also the head of the Permanent Peace Movement, which was founded in 1986 during the Lebanese Civil War by a group of university students who advocate for peace and against violence.

Ghada Eid

Ghada Eid –

غاده عيد

Seat: Maronite – Chouf

Ghada Eid was born in 1966 and earned a postgraduate degree in Journalism from the Beirut Arab University. She worked for many newspapers and magazines, including Al Diyar, Al Anwar, and Nidaa Al Watan. Eid faced lawsuits from the authorities after publishing an investigation website exposing political corruption. She is the producer and host of the Corruption program on Al Jadeed TV and several other programs on the Lebanese MTV channel. She was the deputy mayor of the Chouf municipality, the Secretary-General of the Seven Party, and ran for the parliamentary elections in the Chouf-Aley district in 2018.

Halime El Kaakour

Halimé El Kaakour –

حليمه القعقور

Political Affiliation: Lna Lebanon – لنا – حزب ديمقراطي اجتماعي 

Seat: Sunni – Chouf

Halimé El Kaakour researches human rights, women’s rights, and peace culture. She received a Ph.D. in International Law from the University of Montpellier 1. El Kaakour is a law professor at the Lebanese University Saida and previously worked at Saint Joseph University. She is a trainer and consultant in gender studies, leadership, good governance, and local development for many global organizations. El Kaakour ran for the Sunni seat in Chouf during the 2018 Parliamentary Elections.

“Women’s rights are inalienable. They should be part of any constitution and nation that believes in human rights.”

imad seifeddine

Imad Seifeddine –

عماد سيف الدين

Seat: Sunni – Chouf

Imad Seifeddine is an associate professor at Jinan University’s Faculty of Public Health in Saida. He is an expert in social work and began his political activity after the October 17 revolution in Barja and Iqlim al-Kharrub. He wants to build a Lebanese state based on education and expertise, not sectarianism and clientelism.

“The October 17 revolution transformed the Chouf region, particularly Iqlim al-Kharrub. It created community awareness and broke the barriers of fear.”

Jad Bejjani

Jad Bejjani –

جاد بجاني

Seat: Maronite – Aley

Jad Bejjani was born and raised in Kahale. He studied at Sagesse University and has two children. Bejjani was one of the revolutionaries advocating for a proper investigation of the Beirut Port explosion.

“The political system in Lebanon is hijacked. The problem is not the system but rather a failure to apply the system. Lebanon is not bankrupt; money was stolen for decades.”

Mark Daou

Mark Daou –

مارك ضو

Political Affiliation: TAQADDOM – تقدم

Seat: Druze – Aley

Past Political Affiliation: Madinati

Political Cluster: Lebanese Opposition Front

Mark Daou is a political, social, and environmental activist for democracy, pluralism, individual liberties, and secularism. He is a university lecturer and the founder of an advertising and marketing company. Daou received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Social Sciences from the American University of Beirut (AUB), a Master’s degree in Political and Social Sciences in England, and received his professorship from AUB and the Lebanese American University. He unsuccessfully ran in the 2018 Parliamentary Elections for a Druze seat in Aley. Daou has been an activist since his university days and has participated in many civil and environmental rights initiatives, including the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections and Samir Kassir Association.

Najat Aoun

Najat Aoun –

نجاة عون

Political Affiliation: TAQADDOM – تقدم

Seat: Maronite – Chouf

Political Cluster: Lebanese Opposition Front

Najat Aoun was born and raised in Damour on a banana farm. During the civil war, her family moved to the city, sparking her interest in mitigating air pollution. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the Lebanese University, a Master’s degree from California State University, and a Ph.D. in Water Pollution and Catalysis. Aoun was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Irvine, and is currently a Professor of Analytical Chemistry at AUB where she studies the impacts of air pollution. She is the co-founder and director of Khaddit Beirut, an initiative supporting the Beirut port explosion victims and their families, and the Environment Academy. She was appointed a laureate of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science.

“We are waging a confrontation during the parliamentary elections in all electoral districts, bearing a single and clear governance project, an alternative to a coalition of sects and money leaders, that simulates the people’s concerns and their actual reality.”


Ayman Zeineddin

Ayman Zien Eldeen –

ايمن زين الدين

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Druze – Chouf

Ayman Zien Eldeen is a technical support engineer. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Beirut Arab University. 

“My candidacy aims to establish new foundations for Lebanon’s political system. Our party, male and female citizens, are fully committed to fulfilling our project and vision. We will build the best Lebanon for our children, so we do not repeat the past.”

“We will turn the page on 50 years of tragedies and turn the crisis into an opportunity of knowledge, boldness, and freedom.”

Imad Al Farran

Imad Al Farran –

عماد الفران

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Sunni – Chouf

Imad Al Farran earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Arts, Sciences, and Technology University. He is the information technology (IT) manager at Four Points by Sheraton and a freelance web developer.

Joseph Tohme

Joseph Tohme –

جوزف طعمه

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Maronite – Chouf

Khaled Saad

Khaled Saad –

خالد سعد

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat:  Sunni – Chouf

“I am running to confront the sectarian leaders who are trying to re-establish their legitimacy in Lebanon and abroad. Our agenda is rooted in the people’s daily needs from health coverage and education to reducing migration that threatens the existence of our society.”

“Like any Lebanese youth, I am connected to this geographical spot. I chose to stay here and confront the squandering of society for Lebanon to survive.”

Marwan Imad

Marwan Imad –

مروان عماد

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Druze – Aley

Marwan Imad is running on an economic agenda that aims to recover Lebanon’s economy and distribute the losses from the past 2.5 years. He believes in public healthcare and wants to create a representative group that manages foreign aid.

Nagham Al Halabi

Nagham Al Halabi –

نغم الحلبي

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Druze – Aley

The October 17 revolution motivated Nagham Al Halabi to join the movement for change and run in the upcoming elections.

“I want a real state, a civil state.”


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