Mount Lebanon 1 (Jbeil-Keserwan) District

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Mount Lebanon 1 Jbeil-Keserwan District


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 80,221

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 5,752

Voter Turnout 2018: 65.94%

TOTAL: 3 seats | Shia (1 seat) | Maronite (2 seats) 


Number of Registered Voters in Lebanon 2021: 89,378

Number of Registered Voters in Diaspora 2021: 7,173

Voter Turnout 2018: 67.09%

TOTAL: 5 seats | Maronite (5 seats)

We are the Change

nhna ltaghyeer
Ghassan Germanos

Ghassan Germanos –

غسان جرمانوس

Seat: Maronite – Jbeil

Ghassan Germanos is an environmental and political activist and blogger. He earned a doctorate in Dental Surgery from Saint Joseph University and a Master of Business Administration from ESA–ESCP. Germanos worked in media and advertising for over 15 years and managed several companies in Lebanon and the Middle East. He owns an apple orchard in Jbeil and uses sustainable cultivation methods. Germanos believes that the leaders of Lebanon have failed and that their biggest tool of corruption is using media outlets to spread false news. He confirms that “We are the Change” has no alliance with the Lebanese Kataeb Party.

Rania Bassil

Rania Bassil –

رانيا باسيل

Political Affiliation: Sabaa (سبعة) 

Seat: Maronite – Jbeil

Rania Bassil is from Al Fidar and is a social, environmental, and political activist. She received degrees in General Medicine and Pediatrics from Saint Joseph University, a degree in Pediatric Cardiology from the University of Paris 7 Descartes, and an Executive Master in Healthcare Management. Dr. Bassil is a pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist in several hospitals between Jbeil, Kesweran, and Beirut. She earned a certificate in anti-corruption from the American Anti-Corruption Institute. Dr. Bassil established the “Doctors Committee to Protect Protesters” during the October 17 revolution. She ran in the 2018 Parliamentary Elections with an independent group in Jbeil and is part of the Beirut Medical Syndicate Council and the Administrative Board of the Lebanese Pediatric Society.

Simon Sfeir

Simon Sfeir –

سيمون صفير

Seat: Maronite – Keserwan

Simon Sfeir was born and raised in the town of Daraiya. He is an interior designer, visual artist, political activist, and writer. He earned a postgraduate degree in Interior Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University and studied Interior design at INBA II. He embodies the principles of the October 17 revolution. Sfeir’s objectives are: (1) to build a modern, strong, free, and fair state, (2) to restrict weapons to the Lebanese Armed Forces, (3) to implement the Bill of Human Rights, and (4) to destroy the corrupt political system.

Talal Moqdad

Talal Moqdad –

طلال مقداد

Seat: Seat: Shia – Jbeil

Talal Moqdad was born and raised in Dahieh before moving to Baabda. He is a businessman, contractor, and political and social activist. Moqdad’s priorities include coexistence, national unity, and the independence of the judiciary. He wants to serve his community, the environment, and the country. Moqdad supports marginalized and disadvantaged communities in the Keserwan region. His ultimate goal is for Lebanon to be a civil, inclusive state.

Zeina El Kallab

Zeina El Kallab –

زينه الكلاب

Seat: Maronite – Keserwan

Zeina El Kallab was born in Jbeil in 1961. She is an ecclesiastical lawyer with experience in marriage, domestic, and divorce law. El Kallab earned a theology degree from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, a canon law degree from Al-Hikma University, and a law degree from the Lebanese University. She is a social activist who focuses on clerical law, mental meditation, and social assistance. El Kallab is a member of the Women’s group in Bkerke and is on the board of trustees of the Lebanese German University. She ran in the 2010 Municipal Elections for Jounieh-Keserwan and in the 2014 Parliamentary Elections.

“We are waging a confrontation during the parliamentary elections in all electoral districts, bearing a single and clear governance project, an alternative to a coalition of sects and money leaders, that simulates the people’s concerns and their actual reality.”


Boutros Khaleel

Boutros Khalil –

بطرس خليل

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Maronite – Keserwan

“I am running in the 2022 Parliamentary Elections not to be a powerful politician but rather to confront what seems to be the destiny of every young person in Lebanon: to leave Lebanon and their loved ones while the authorities continue to benefit from these circumstances. They’ve benefited from the civil war, the false prosperity between 1990 and 2019, and even the crisis we live in today.”

“I decided to run to face the squandering of society so that Lebanon will no longer remain a hotel that expatriates visit reluctantly every few years and a prison where residents try to escape!”

Charbel Frayha

Charbel Freiha –

شربل فريحه

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Maronite – Keserwan

Charbel Freiha is an attorney. 

“I am fighting this battle since I believe that nothing will save Lebanon except for a capable and effective civil state. A civil state is the antithesis of the current Lebanese system, which has proven incompetent. We are waging the electoral battle with a trans-regional and anti-sectarian spirit. We are fighting this battle because we can transform this crisis into an opportunity to build a strong state.”

Dominique Tarabay

Dominique Tarabay –

دومينيك طربيه

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Maronite – Jbeil

Dominique Tarabay is a secularist who believes that the current leaders, who produced wars, crises, and displacements, should be replaced. 

“Realizing the magnitude of the tragedy we have been experiencing, I submitted my candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Qadreen is a political group with a clear plan that aspires for a better future.”

Farah Nasser

Farah Nasser –

فرح ناصر

Political Affiliation: MMFD – مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة

Seat: Shia – Jbeil


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