Our Mission

The Fair and Free Lebanon Foundation aims to restore, protect and preserve faith and trust IN Lebanon and FOR Lebanon, and the rights of all its citizens to live with dignity and a future with unlimited possibility and opportunity.

We aim to reclaim Lebanon’s noble mission as a unique symbol of ecumenical and cultural synchronicity. A land where the human reigns supreme, not the dollar, nor religion, nor status.


  •  We see a future where the Lebanese people are galvanised, have the resources, training and capability they require to lead independently sustainable lives and have financial freedom. 

  • We will spread our wings and our arms and embrace ambassadors and activists from around the world to join our movement and become heroes of a new, prosperous, innovative, creative, dynamic Lebanon that contributes to an exciting, ever-evolving and brighter world.

  • We see a Lebanon led and supported by a committed, collective, global humanitarian consciousness that supports us in implementing  impermeable, ethical pillars to build our new nation upon. A new nation that exists to serve all, provide for all, and allow ALL its citizens and those who seek solace on its sacred soil, to live, learn, work and thrive with dignity.